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MSEF Covid-19 Policies

MSEF COVID Policy '22 - 23 Season

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, this policy and subsequent recommendations may be subject to change, based on best applicable guidelines from Missoula County-City Health Department (MCCHD), federal, state or local mandates.

1.  Reimbursement Policy: Related to the program offerings being affected directly by the pandemic:

A.  100% refund if the season does not start

B.  If we start the season and have to unexpectedly stop – 80% prorated refund for days not skied based on program skier days.

C.  Cold/severe weather days may result in cancellation of practice due to the lack of warming/shelter options during the pandemic.  All efforts will be made to reschedule practices cancelled due to weather.  However, refunds will not be offered for practices cancelled due to weather.

D.  This policy is separate from the MSEF Refund Policy which can be found at {link to web page}

2.  Participation after Symptoms/Exposures:

A.    MSEF will adhere to federal, local, and state guidelines.

B.    Any athlete demonstrating symptoms will not participate in training or competitions until tested negative with resolution of symptoms as per MCCHD/CDC guidelines, or having completed a 14-day quarantine from the onset of symptoms with resolution of symptoms. 

C.    Any Coach, Staff, or Board member displaying symptoms will not participate in face-to-face MSEF events until tested negative with resolution of symptoms as per MCCHD/CDC guidelines, or having completed a 14-day quarantine from the onset of symptoms with resolution of symptoms.

D.    Any athlete, Coach, Staff or board member having direct exposure to a person who tests positive for Covid-19 will be contacted by MCCHD. If any athlete, Coach, Staff or board member has direct exposure to a person who tests positive for Covid, that individual will also notify MSEF immediately.  MCCHD will determine if the exposure qualifies as a close contact as well as the need for and duration of a quarantine due to that exposure.  MSEF will follow the recommendations of MCCHD regarding a potential return to practice date for that athlete.  Personal information about an athlete deemed a close contact will not be shared by MCCHD or MSEF as that information is protected by law.

MSEF Contacts:  Program Director Elliott Natz - MST, YSL, JFRT, FRT, GST

Cell:  406.546.5201

Deb Demmons - Griz Ski Team

Cell:  406.240.0175

Liam Harry - Freeride

Cell:  208.850.0878

Ivy Duncan - YSL

Cell:  406.560.3424


3.    Contact Tracing:

A.  Families will be required to use Team Reach to sign up athletes for training days, events and races.

B.  All athletes will be required to sign up using the Team Reach app at least 24 hours prior to the start of the training event.  No athlete will be allowed to participate if sign up was not completed at least 24 hours prior to the training event.

C.  With the Team Reach sign up for each day, there will be a prescreen questionnaire to complete for athletes, staff and volunteers.

D.  A “No sign up, then no training” rule will be strictly enforced. This is mandatory to allow us to provide adequate contact records for MCCHD for their contact tracing.

E.  Contact tracing will be performed by MCCHD, with cooperation of all MSEF athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers and board members.

4.    Training:

A.   Plan to stage training cohort starting and ending locations separately at the venue.

B.   Plan for staggered start times of the various programs 

C.   Athletes and coaches will boot-up in their cars and be ready to ski on arrival at the base.

D.   Yurt will be for baggage storage only. Masks are required inside of yurt, no more than 4 people in the yurt at a time.

E.  Lunch will be during the specified time as set out per program cohort and will be under the supervision of parents or their delegated representatives during the allotted time.  If the athletes are not at the specified site to start afternoon session, parents will be responsible for finding the cohort on the hill.

F.  Snowbowl’s lift policies will be followed related to children riding single, with other children or with adults.

5.   Masking:

A.   Face masks, gators/buffs, face coverings will be strongly recommended (covering nose and mouth) anytime physical distancing cannot or is not maintained.

B.   Face masks, gators/buffs, face coverings will be strongly recommended (covering nose and mouth) during the entire lift process, lift lines, loading, riding and unloading

C.   Face masks, gators/buffs, face coverings (covering nose and mouth) will be strongly recommended anytime indoors

6.   Travel:

A.   Athletes are encouraged to travel to and from races with their families and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

B.   Athletes are encouraged to stay at hotels/lodging with their families.

C.   Coaches will be provided single rooms.

D.   All members of MSEF will abide by local and state mandates as well as resort regulations as they pertain to the racing/training venues 

7.  Racing/Competition:

A.   Adherence to federal, state and local mandates.

B.   Adherence to US Ski and Snowboard Covid-19 Alpine Domestic Competition Guidance.

C.   Adherence to IFSA guidelines if any.


8.  Athlete Return to Training/Racing after COVID-19 Infection:

MSEF will follow the USSA guidelines for this:

  1.  MSEF programs shall be modified, scaled back, postponed or canceled if notified by the MCCHD Health Officer that further restrictions for gatherings and events are necessary.

The venue may have additional requirements based on the Governor’s Directives. If requirements for the event or gathering and the venue conflict, the more restrictive requirement applies. 

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